Friday, November 2, 2012

The Meadow Tasting #1: Soma 100% "Arcana"

I (David) am a fan of high percentage bars.  Ideally, a bar will sit around 91%.  I have a canister of nibs on my office desk.

 That said, I often find 100% bars to lose their chocolatey flavor under a mask of bitterness.When I asked for a high-percentage recommendation at The Meadow, they directed me to Soma's 100% Arcana bar.  They clearly knew what they were talking about.

just what are you hiding?
The packaging betrays the intensity.
Soma avoids the common pitfall with a method I would usually not endorse -- throwing in lots of flavors.  The Soma bar is a blend of four different origins, and each provides its own complex flavor notes to the chocolate.  The sheer number of different tastes helps blunt the bitterness and actually (in contrast with the usual effect) brings out the chocolatey flavor of the bar.

you can tell this guy is up to something
I have never seen a bar that looks quite like this one.

Leila was not as thrilled.  She notes simply, "I am not a good judge of 100% bars. They are all too bitter for me, this one included. It is probably a fine bar if you can handle it, but I cannot."

Bottom Line: One of the best 100% bars I have ever had, but it is still a 100% bar.

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