Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Storm Rations B2: Nibmor 65% "Crispy"

I am totally on board with the vegan thing.  Against suffering.  Check.  Me too.  Hate suffering.  But if you hate suffering so much, why do you deprive yourself of even raw sugar?

wait, isn't this called nibmor?  why aren't there some nibs up in here?
Crispy chocolate?  What could go wrong?
So yeah, this bar does that.  A lot of bars do now.  It's, like, popular.  Now, I can stand the raw thing.  Leila isn't as into it, but I'm fine with it.  Raw chocolate is different and interesting.  But there is a reason we have been using sugar for as long as human society has -- because it tastes amazing.  Nibmor sort of misses that piece of historical trivia with this bar.  So yeah, consider this my plea: stop with the agave.

all photos in the B-series were taken in a moving vehicle.  can you tell?
It already doesn't look crispy.
The other place that Nibmor misses here is with the rice crispies.  There aren't enough of them, and they aren't crispy enough.  They almost taste soggy.  Even Hershey's knows how to do this right -- I can't imagine it's that hard.

I can't really complain about the quality chocolate used -- it's definitely good, and the taste is nice.  But it's hard even to appreciate that taste when 30% of the bar is agave nectar.

Bottom Line:  Every day and in every way, you can do better than this.

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