Friday, January 4, 2013

City Bakery Hot Chocolate

There are many hot chocolates in NYC, and now around the world, that I can say I really love.  But beyond them all, I love the hot chocolate at City Bakery.

yes, i could not wait to get home and take a picture to start drinking.  the amount i drank is enough to constitute a meal for most people, but it was just a first taste for me.
Also available with a giant marshmallow

It's hard to be objective.  I've been having this ever since I was a kid.  It was the first super-thick, super-chocolatey hot chocolate I ever had.  Since then, I've had the offerings of DT Works, Grom, and others in NYC, and of Angelina and others in Europe.  I have not been disappointed by any of those places, but whenever I come back to City Bakery, even though it may be slightly sweeter than some others, it feels perfect -- just like home.

Bottom Line: Objectively, it holds up to any hot chocolate in the world.  Subjectively, this is the New York native's holy grail.

(Pro Tip: During the winter, City Bakery hot chocolate is also sold at Birdbath Bakeries all around the city.)

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