Sunday, January 13, 2013

Manhattan Espresso Cafe: Featuring Coolhaus and Doughnut Plant

Manhattan Espresso Cafe is right by where I work.  It's a tiny shop.  It sells coffee.  And probably espresso.  But it also sells things made of chocolate, like this muffin:

lies and the lying muffins who tell them
the truth revealed
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I like that it's wearing a disguise.  Like, "No, don't buy me and eat me; I swear I'm not chocolate."  Biggest liar of a muffin I've ever seen.  But oh so delicious!

They also sell chocolatey products made by others.  Coolhaus is a popular ice cream sandwich food truck.  They do the right thing and put their ice cream between two excellent cookies.  But of course the only right type to get is the chocolate ice cream between chocolate cookies:

we should do a "worst of david's pictures" sidebar.  this would be up there.

They sell them by the half-sandwich, which is really the perfect lunchbreak-sized amount.  And trust me: the quality is excellent.

They also sell Doughnut Plant donuts.  Doughnut Plant is the most famous and probably best doughnut shop in the city, but it sits in a relatively inconvenient corner of the Lower East Side.  Recently, they've wised up and started distributing a bit.  Manhattan Espresso Cafe is here to help.  This is a donut that looks really chocolatey, and when you bit in, there is a gooey chocolate center:

in contrast, this is the george washington of donuts

As you guys know, I love gooey chocolate centers.  This is my favorite donut in NYC.

Bottom Line:  A convenient spot to get both excellent proprietary baked goods as well as top-of-the-line distributed chocolatey items.

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