Sunday, January 20, 2013

Edward Marc Chocolatier, Pittsburgh

I've been traveling a lot.  When I wrote this, I was in Arusha.  As I post this, I am again in Arusha.  In the interim, I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.  NBD.  But I started my trip humbly, in Long Island, Rochester, and Pittsburgh.

I basically did not procure any chocolate that whole leg of my trip.  It was quite the disappointment.  But when I was traveling with my friend Tasha from Detroit to Chicago a few days later, she greeted me with chocolate from Pittsburgh to make up for what I missed:

It was mostly really great.  The chocolate was chocolatey.  They didn't try any funny stuff.  The bon bons were top tier.  The only thing that was disappointing was the pumpkin truffle lolipop:

Neither pumpkiny enough nor chocolatey enough.  It tasted mostly of pumpkin pie spices.  

Otherwise, though, I have to recommend Edward Marc.  Pittsburgh is not known for its chocolatiers, though I'm sure a local could show me some great spots.  Edward Marc caught me by surprise, and it is great.

Bottom Line: When you are traveling and are negligent in your chocolate purchasing duties, it is useful to have good friends at your back.

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