Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brownie Cascade and Zanzibar Chocolate Ice Cream at Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream in Madison, WI

Ice cream in Wisconsin: probably good, right?  That was what I was thinking when I arrived.  My friend Tasha recommended Chocolate Shoppe, which unsurprisingly got me even more hyped.  Upon seeing the display and ordering ("Zanzibar" dark chocolate ice cream and "Brownie Cascade" chocolate ice cream), my excitement reached its peak:

To answer your question, Yes.

But then I was talking to the nice Wisconsonite behind the counter, and she made some quip about Wisconsin being better than New York.  So of course I went to the back of the shop with a mission not to like this ice cream too much.

I failed.  The ice cream was great.  It wasn't too artisanal.  Probably because you do not have to go through Brookulean efforts to find high quality dairy to make it.  They instead focused on making great, super flavorful ice cream.  This stuff holds up to any chocolate ice cream in New York City, period.

Bottom Line:  If you find that somehow you are in Madison, this will cheer you up.

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