Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chocolate Cake at Cafe Blossom

Cafe Blossom is a surprisingly delicious vegan, kosher restaurant, with multiple related but slightly different chains around the city.  The one on the Upper West Side, at least, has chocolate cake:

So we talked about problems with kosher chocolates, but there was some follow-up discussion that yielded a conclusion that the problem wasn't necessarily either the kosher stuff or the dairy-free stuff but rather the combination.  But the conclusion was based on the idea that we Jews have not done as good a job as vegans have in making chocolatey, dairy-free desserts.  But in this cake, we have not a dairy-free product made by people who keep kosher but rather kosher products made by vegans.  This turns out much better.

So the floury cake part is going to be a problem.  It's delicious but a little dry.  But vegan chocolate mousse made by vegans is much better than regular kosher parve chocolate mousse.  Cafe Blossom has done a great job using the mousse to mask a slightly dry cake, and the end product actually winds up totally great.

Bottom Line:  For vegan food and vegan chocolate dessert to follow, Cafe Blossom is a really excellent option.


  1. How was the food? Sincerely, someone with kosher-keeping in-laws. Also I have a theory that the best parve chocolate cake is going to basically be flourless chocolate cake (since it is super not-dry), but I haven't actually tried to make it it yet. Thoughts?

  2. I have been there twice, and both times I have had the (kosher, vegan) cheeseburger, and both times I have been really happy. They use Daiya cheese, which I love -- I basically consider it on the level of a different species of real cheese. Like, there's cheddar, and gruyere, and daiya, and mozzarella... So I would give it a thumbs up on taking the in-laws, but I might ask the waiter/waitress before ordering something different -- they're usually very honest in terms of which menu items they like best.

  3. Oh, and as for the flourless chocolate cake... a post on my mom's (unbelievable) flourless cake is to come.

  4. Amazing! Um, I've been using Martha for the flourless chocolate cake (4 ingredients) and it has been amazing. This cake better be on a whole different level of awesome before I am willing to expend more effort.

  5. If those ingredients are chocolate, sugar, eggs, and a LOT of margarine, it is a similar recipe, hahaha