Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Zingerman's Bakehouse Brownies

You cannot go wrong with sending a food-lover gifts from Zingerman's. Last year for Hanukkah I received six pints of their gelato in the mail, and I was in heaven. My freezer was in heaven. I would just stand in front of my freezer and take random spoonfuls of different flavors of gelato and mix them together in my mouth, and it was heaven.

This year at my office we received like six types of Zingerman's brownies.

Zingerman's brownies have FLAVORS. Like there's one with ginger. And one with orange and almonds. According to their website, one that uses amaranth and quinoa. That sounds kind of gross. But honestly I've never tried anything gross from Zingerman's, so I'm going to assume that even their healthy brownies are delicious.

BOTTOM LINE: If you need to ship a gift to someone who loves sweets-- for example, me-- start here.

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