Friday, January 25, 2013

Arancini Bros

Arancini Bros is a little storefront in Bushwick that sells rice balls and that's it. Obviously most of their rice balls are savory, because that's what rice balls are. But one of them was Nutella-filled. So that is the one I got.

It was weird. It was warm and gooey, which is good. The outside was fried, which is awesome. I love fried. The next layer was rice, kind of like dense rice pudding, and that was the weird part. I am not a rice pudding fan. The texture throws me off. So I wasn't into that part. The core of the ball was a glob of Nutella. That part was obviously delicious. How could it not be?

I wish there had been more Nutella in this thing. Mostly it just tasted like a savory rice ball, which was disappointing because really I was in the market for dessert.

BOTTOM LINE: A Nutella-filled rice ball is an original product that you're unlikely to find in many places. But to get full enjoyment out of it, you should be someone who a) likes rice pudding, and b) is not looking for a super-chocolatey dessert.

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