Friday, January 11, 2013

Chocolate Snowballs at Zucker Bakery

Not long ago, Leila and I stopped by Zucker Bakery to try their widely-loved Chocolate Rose.  Unfortunately, given that we are both employed, by the time we got there after work, they had sold out.  We were, clearly devastated. So we tried the Chocolate Snowballs instead:

These are somewhat similar to Momofuku's cake truffles, but made with coffee and rolled in coconut, or sprinkles:

Normally, the coffee and coconut would scare me off, but these were actually really good.  They were fudgier and more chocolatey than I was expecting.  When we finished, Leila and I promised to return for the Rose... which unfortunately remains on our bucket list.

Bottom Line: Like cake truffles, but more chocolatey, and with coffee.  If you like those three things, you will love these.  If you like two of those three things, you will still probably like these a lot.

ADDITIONAL NOTE FROM LEILA: I don't even like coffee, and I enjoyed these. The chocolatiness made up for the coffeeness.

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