Thursday, January 31, 2013

Updates from Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar in the West Village was the very first chocolate shop we wrote about on this blog, way back in ye olden days of September. And today we're going back there because... they have a new beverage!

You remember how much we love the Chocolate Bar iced hot chocolate in the summertime. Well, their new beverage is a spicy hot chocolate, and it is awesome. It has such a wonderful mixture of spices in it, and it's unique and so warming. The spice comes through very clearly, and the chocolate does too-- this is a hard balance to strike, as usually more spiciness means less chocolatiness.

BOTTOM LINE: Chocolate Bar now has perfect beverages for summer and winter. It's no wonder I keep going back... like way more often than I should... like, I find excuses to walk up Hudson Street when really I have no reason to be there.

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