Friday, October 5, 2012

Two Little Red Hens

Two Little Red Hens might be the best bakery in New York City.  They do everything really well, from scones to cheesecakes.  And yes, even chocolate.  Their Brooklyn Blackout Cupcake is my favorite cupcake in the city (and they make full Brooklyn Blackout Cakes, for those of you who are Shaquille O'Neal).
i swear i am an adult
If this looks appetizing to you, you belong here.
The problem with Two Little Red Hens is that I do not live near it.  So I basically have to beg anyone sojourning to the Upper East Side to pick this up for me whenever I find such an adventurous spirit.  Unfortunately, what comes back to me does not always look as beautiful as I promise it does in the shop:

If the baker of this cupcake saw this picture, he or she would probably cry.
Seriously, guys, the shop is one of the most beautiful, adorable places in the city.
This cupcake was smushed in transit and then put in the fridge before I was able to rescue it.  And you know what?  It was still just about the best dang cupcake I'd ever had.  Among the reasons why: 1) It is a really chocolatey cupcake; 2) Inside of the chocolatey cupcake they put gooey chocolate; 3) I don't even need a number three, just eat it.

Bottom Line: Despite all appearances in my photos, this is the best cupcake.

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