Thursday, October 11, 2012

New York Doughnut Map Launch Party

The fine folks at All You Can Eat Press have just published New York City's first (presumably) doughnut map. It costs $10, which seems kind of steep, but it lists 25 doughnut shops throughout the city, so that's really only 40 cents per doughnut location revealed.

To celebrate this publication, they held a launch party at the Ace Hotel with FREE DOUGHNUTS.

The line was super-long, as lines always are when there's free food at the end. Through the windows I saw lots of chocolate options. There were doughnuts present from Dun-Well, Dough, and Doughnut Plant, among others.

A woman walked by and asked what we were waiting for. When we answered, "Free doughnuts," she asked, "Are they Krispy Kreme?"

This is a clear sign of being a tourist.

Unfortunately by the time I got to the front of the line, most of the options were gone. I only got to try one Peter Pan doughnut, which you can see here: it's half chocolate and half vanilla.

It was very tasty. Not super chocolately, I will grant you-- but, then it was only half chocolate; it wasn't supposed to be super-chocolatey. My interest was piqued. I would go to Peter Pan Doughnuts and buy a whole doughnut, to see how I feel about it when there aren't 300 Manhattan foodies in line behind me.

BOTTOM LINE: Artisanal doughnuts are amazing, and my only regret tonight is that there were not more there for me to eat.

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