Monday, October 8, 2012

Dagoba 74% "New Moon"

I am a person who regularly has house guests.  For a house guest, it is not hard to know what kind of a present to get me.  This kind:

haha, it looks like i showed enough restraint to take this picture before tearing in, but that is an ELABORATE DECEPTION.  ha ha!
I don't know what this chocolate bar has to do with the moon, new or otherwise.
So this is an interesting chocolate bar.  Sufficiently interesting that I checked the ingredients to see if there was anything in there other than the typical chocolate/sugar/soy lecithin/vanilla.  There wasn't.  It had complex flavor notes that I am not pretentious enough to describe accurately, though The Chocolate Room may be able to help us with this.  You will learn this about me in relatively short order, but I am not the type of chocolate fan that is all that into complex flavor notes.  However, I did quite enjoy eating this bar -- it was objectively very good -- and I always appreciate a company able to bring out different flavors from the basic, purist chocolate ingredients.

A poll for the (nerdiest of) readers: which do you prefer -- the chocolatier or the system?

Bottom Line: An excellent chocolate bar for someone who loves complex flavor notes.

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