Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chocolate Sugar Wafers at Family Dollar

We cover a lot of fancy things here at Chocolate NYC.  But sometimes you just need to take the class up to the next level.  That's when you go to Family Dollar.

someone photoshop a top hat and monocle on these classy snacks
You know what this tastes like, so I will keep this brief
So you pretty much know what you are getting here.  Some cardboard-y wafer, with some sort of mysterious chocolate filling.  There are three notable things about these wafers: (1) You get a giant package for literally one dollar.  (2) They are surprisingly delicious.  (3) If you have more than two wafers you will feel physically ill for reasons you will never be able to ascertain.

All that said, these are kosher pareve, and I would take these over Hauser of Belgium any day.

Bottom Line: If you go far enough into Brooklyn to visit an adorable puppy, sometimes you need to make sacrifices to eat something chocolatey.

leila wants you to know that chocolate is poisonous for dogs and that despite its pleadings this puppy did not get any of the wafers.
Worth it.

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  1. I hope my in-laws do not read this blog because I know what (delicious kosher pareve) gift they are getting for Hannukkah.