Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sofia Wine Bar

Last night I did something that I, as a rule, almost never do: I went north of 14th Street. I know. It's shocking.

The reason for my uptown adventure was Sofia Wine Bar, a charming candle-lit restaurant that serves roughly twenty variations on the theme of bread and cheese. Their menu includes zero salads.

Emily, Courtney, and I all got mac and cheeses. And I know we are not here to discuss mac and cheese, but, just in case you're curious:

We followed up the mac and cheese with chocolate lava cake, which is the real topic of this post. The cake was excellent: very dense, very hot. When we asked, they put our ice cream on the side so it wouldn't seep into the cake. These details are important. I did wish there had been more lava on the inside-- there was too high a ratio of "crusty cake" to "melty bit,", for my tastes. But it did taste sinfully delicious, which is how lava cake ought to be. I would eat it again. Though maybe not after that entire plate of mac and cheese.

BOTTOM LINE: You can never go wrong with chocolate lava cake, and this chocolate lava cake fits the bill.

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