Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sugar & Plumm

Last weekend, Angel (a friend of the blog, whom we are trying to coax into guest posting) and I went on a serious quest, the first stop of which was Sugar and Plumm.  Honestly speaking, it was a disappointment.

The thing is, the place looks beautiful.  The desserts look great.  And there are adorable children as far as the eye can see.  But the food was not as delicious as it looked, and the children were the wrong kind of children -- loud and out of control.

But to the chocolate: we had chocolate-caramel sorbet, milk chocolate ice cream, a chocolate macaron, a dark chocolate bon-bon, and a chocolate cake (which was actually the reason for our trip).

Everything looks so lovely!  Who could know what awaited us....
Our haul.
The ice cream and sorbet were, like the whole experience, disappointing.  The chocolate-caramel sorbet, while it looked dark and rich, was actually sweet, unchocolatey, and kind of weird tasting.  The milk chocolate ice cream was surprisingly far better, but I don't think I'd rate it any more highly than "okay."

Never trust a hyphenated chocolate dessert.

The chocolate cake, too, was disappointing.  As dense as it looks, it was not chocolatey enough, and it was a bit dry.  (Angel even went so far as to say that the cake tasted prepackaged.)  I did enjoy the glitter on top, though.  And I managed to upgrade the situation by dunking the cake in the milk chocolate ice cream.  That elevated it to the level of "enjoyable."

Maybe it's the fact that I just listened to "Die Young" a dozen times, but I am still really digging the glitter up there.
The cake is as pretty as the shop.

The macaron was serviceable, but not really worth elaboration.

Surprisingly, the standout was the bon-bon.  It was actually excellent -- on par with many of the top NYC chocolatiers.
Graphic!  Not for the squeemish!
It doesn't even look that dark, but it is!
Bottom Line:  If you are walking past, pick up a dark chocolate bon-bon on your way to somewhere with a higher chocolatey desserts to screaming children ratio.

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