Friday, October 5, 2012

Momofuku Milk Bar

The first time I walked into Milk Bar, I asked if they had anything that was chocolate.  They said no.  I walked out, and I didn't return for about two years.

The thing, though, is that it is on my block.  I mean, literally.  So when it's 11pm, and most places are closed, it gets pretty tempting, even if they are insultingly light on chocolate.

So they do a lot of things at Milk Bar, many of them well and many of them not-so-well.  I generally find their soft serves to be too salty.  Their cereal milk is perfectly good, but I have it in my cereal every day, so I do not usually feel the need to purchase it.

Now there is one thing they do very well, which they are famous for -- cake truffles.  Basically, bite-sized, round pieces of cake, easy to eat with your hands.  Smart.  They used to have a chocolate malt flavor that was great.  I am generally embarrassed to admit to eating non-chocolate desserts, but I will sheepishly endorse their birthday cake truffles as being off the proverbial hook.

If you are thinking, "those don't look chocolatey enough," I must concede that they are not chocolatey enough.

In my most recent trip, in addition to the birthday cake truffles, I purchased some chocolate chip truffles.  Now, objectively, they were good.  But they were nonetheless disappointing.  I am a huge opponent of the fruit+chocolate combination, and I was shocked that it came into play here -- they put orange juice in this!  And you can really taste it!

Fortunately, I was prepared for disappointment, as one look at these puppies told me they wouldn't be chocolatey enough, regardless of other flavor situations.  Accordingly, I purchased a chocolate croissant.

Not a quiche.

Yes, it sort of looks like a quiche or at least something savory.  But it was actually quite good.  It had nice texture, and it was more chocolatey than most.  That said, as is usually the case, it could still have done with more chocolate.

A lot of chocolate?  Probably.  Enough chocolate?  Never.

Bottom Line: While Milk Bar has much merit, it is not a place for chocolate purists.


  1. This post needs updating. Today I ate the chocolate swirl sold by Momofuku Milk Bar in Carrol Gardens and it was one of the greatest pastries I have ever had the pleasure of glutonizing. (If you'd seen me eat it, you would not doubt that that is a verb.) Imagine someone took a snail (a.k.a. pain aux raisins) but took the view that the custard should be replaced with half-melted chocolate chips. Also most of the raisins should be replaced with half-melted chocolate chips. Also, you better add a bunch more half-melted chocolate chips just in case. Then, that glorious person took the view that what this pastry really needed was to be slathered in some kind of delightfully sticky glaze. That is what an MMB chocolate swirl is. The bread is soft and fluffy on the inside (and soaked with half-melted chocolately glaze) and crispy on the outside. WOW.

  2. A step ahead of you:

  3. Though in all fairness I did not actually eat the swirl. But I updated based on its presence.

  4. Huh. That didn't show up when I searched for Momofuku. Fair enough. Still, the swirl is worthy of a review.