Thursday, May 2, 2013

Noi Sirius 70%

Early on in this blog's history, I mentioned how much I love this bar.  I love this bar so much that I am obsessed with anything made from it.  Tragically, I hadn't seen it in whole foods for a while, partially because I avoid Whole Foods wherever possible, but just this week we were reunited:

Yeah, the odds that I was going to get this back to my office before tearing into it were zero, but at least I put it back together enough to get a picture.

I also finally figured out why this bar is so unbelievably good.  Most chocolate involves the following ingredients: cocoa mass (basically roasted beans ground into paste), sugar, soy lecithin, and vanilla.  Often, bars will add some cocoa butter (the fat from the bean, separated out) for texture.  Noi Sirius does the opposite -- they add cocoa powder (the non-fat from the bean).  For flavor.  It is the most intensely chocolatey bar you can get at a mid-percentage.  Basically every chocolate lover who tries this utters some sort of profanity-laced exclamation of joy.

The other thing about this is that it avoids a classic paradox.  Most high quality chocolate is savored, maybe because it is very fatty.  Low quality chocolate, as we've discussed, is devoured, and regrets and illness quickly follow.  Noi Sirius is a chocolate bar that can be devoured without any regrets at all.  Except for the regret that you realize that the package contained two bars totaling over 1000 calories, and you just ate them both in 10 minutes, and maybe you should go to the gym?  

Nah.  In any case, you'll feel great.  They were probably Good Calories.  Right?

Bottom Line: Is it bad manners to stuff two entire chocolate bars in your mouth at once?

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