Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fine & Raw truffles and bonbons

We have already reviewed Fine & Raw favorably before -- twice.  But I have definitely discovered their best line of products: the truffles and bonbons.

Here is a truffle bar:

It is shaped like a small chocolate bar, but it has the consistency of a truffle.  The real magic?  No heavy cream (or any other dairy) involved!

They also make bon bons, which have a slightly softer consistency:

The truffle bar is exceptional, but the bon bons are maybe better -- really special.

Lastly, they have a "bonbon bar," which is exactly as described -- a thin layer of bonbon on a dark chocolate bar:

It's also great, but it's the weakest link.  The real strength of the bon bons and truffle bar is turning the ingredients and taste of regular dark chocolate into a different and awesome texture.  This is very important to me.  While the bonbon bar is unarguably delicious, its texture is less distinctive than the truffle or bon bons.

Bottom Line: Truffle and bonbon texture with pure dark chocolate taste.  Genius.

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