Monday, May 27, 2013

Rabot Estate 90%

Seriously, I do have the best friends:

Ok, so I am gonna be honest GBP 4 for a bar of chocolate is not shocking to me, even at only 35g.  Also, on some research, I think Rabot Estate is somehow related to British chocolatier Hotel Chocolat, but I don't really understand how.

Especially given how pretty it looked.  Here is what was in the package:

Sure, it looks beautiful, but how does it taste?

Let Rabot Estate answer that: "[m]ultilayered flavours soon reveal themselves -- dried fruits, roasted nuts and a hint of jasmine."

Let me answer that better:  It tastes delicious.  It has interesting flavor notes, but it is rich and chocolatey.  It makes you think without being overpoweringly fruity or citrusy.  It's not sharp.  It's complex and great.  And the flavor notes, I think, would make it palatable to someone who normally is more comfortable with something closer to 85% than to 90%.

Bottom Line: Thank you, Annie, for getting interesting, new chocolate from England, to Nairobi, to Chicago, to New York.

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