Thursday, May 16, 2013

Royce' Pure Chocolate: Venezuela Bitter & Ghana Sweet Box

Royce' is a Japanese chocolatier, whose name is explicable only by way of its country of origin.  They make a lot of different things.  They are famous for something called "Nama," which seem a lot like pav├ęs.  After studiously exploring their West Village pop-up, I purchased a box of "pure chocolate," since they did not have any of their chocolate Nama.  

The box  had my two favorite origins -- Venezuela and Ghana.  The percentages were 68% and 60%.  I later realized something bizarre: they had milk powder and flavorings!  Why bother making such a high percentage only to add a tiny bit of milk and mess up the tempering process?  Why bother to make a single-origin chocolate only to add flavorings?

I must admit, there is an answer: because these were totally delicious.  Now, there were two problems: (1) The Ghana and Venezuela origins tasted the same, due to the flavorings, with the only noteworthy difference being the sweetness. (2) As a result, they soooorta make you feel a little gross when you eat too many.  But those problems are not really that bad.  You are eating delicious chocolate.  Somehow the tempering managed to last even with the milk powder.  Stop complaining.

Bottom Line: Maybe not as high quality as they look, but still delicious.

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