Friday, May 3, 2013

how to make the best hot chocolate ever

As you may recall from our Best Chocolate of 2012 list, my current favorite hot chocolate in the city is from Fresco, in the East Village. The reason why it's so good is because Fresco doesn't use chocolate powder, or chocolate syrup, or chocolate pieces-- they create their hot chocolate by melting their amazing chocolate gelato with some milk.

Earlier this evening, I was idly thinking about Fresco's hot chocolate, as I so often do. Then it occurred to me, "Hey. They're not the only ones capable of melting chocolate gelato and milk together in a mug."

So I tried it myself. Fortunately, I had some Talenti gelato in the freezer, and some milk in the fridge. I put a scoop of the gelato into a mug, added in some milk, and microwaved it.

I know I'm no chef, but trust me when I tell you: this was phenomenal. Truly, truly phenomenal.

BOTTOM LINE: Now you know how to make amazing hot chocolate in your own kitchen, using only two, readily-available ingredients. You're welcome.


  1. i looove talenti gelatos! and got my husband addicted to them too!

    1. Excellent! Seriously, I think it is the best gelato you can buy in a grocery store.