Friday, November 2, 2012

The Meadow

Here are the main things that the Meadow sells:

1) salt
2) chocolate bars
3) bitters
4) flowers

Obviously, this is a store after our own hearts.

The Meadow's chocolate section is arranged with one entire case filled with plain bars, and one case filled with bars with stuff in them. This is ingenious, and how I would like to organize my own kitchen, if I were rich enough to own that many bars, and if I had enough self-restraint not to eat them all at once.

How did we manage to decide among so many options? you may be wondering. Well, we deliberated a lot. We ruled out every bar that we had tasted before. We asked the knowledgeable store employees for recommendations. We promised ourselves that we could come back and try different bars soon. And then we bought about sixty dollars worth of chocolate.

This is what that looked like before the massacre:

This is what it looked like after:

This was on Thursday. The bars did not last enough even to become hurricane rations.

We will be doing brief individual reviews of each of these six bars, too. So stay tuned.

BOTTOM LINE: If the annual Chocolate Show had a permanent storefront, it would look like the Meadow. But with an ounce of calm for each ounce of the Show's chaos.

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