Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ample Hills

Last month, I established the two primary schools of ice cream thought: the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory school, and the Ample Hills school.

I went to Ample Hills last week, so now I can show you exactly what I mean:

Here is what is in this cup: one scoop of pumpkin pie ice cream ("made with organic pumpkin and graham cracker crust"), and one scoop of chocolate milk and cookies ice cream ("chocolate milk ice cream with pieces of all-natural Back to Nature sandwich cream cookies").

Those are only two of the maybe 30 flavors that Ample Hills offers. The chocolate milk and cookies is delicious (since I love cookies), but it is not even the chocolatiest. The chocolatiest Ample Hills option is probably their dark chocolate ("rich dark chocolate ice cream, made with Valrhona cocoa powder and 72% E. Guittard chocolate"). They also have a Mexican hot chocolate-flavored ice cream that's fantastic, if you like a bit of a kick. Plus they have all sorts of amazing, complex flavors that are not strictly chocolate but that feature chocolate in some creative way.

BOTTOM LINE: Please go here, and try as many flavors as possible. I never, ever get bored of Ample Hills.


  1. Last week, I made pumpkin pie ice cream; and this week, I made dark chocolate w/oreos... Get out of my head!!!

  2. That sounds amazing and I want to eat both of them.