Saturday, November 17, 2012

Storm Rations B5: Theo 70% Sea Salt Dark

Remember Sandy?  Wrapping up that situation with three final posts:

So the last bar I purchased for the car ride home was Theo's 70% Sea Salt bar.  I got this mostly for my lovely chauffeur, as sea salt is not my favorite thing in the world, but we did not get to it the whole drive.  I wound up breaking into it at my brother's house the following night.

there's a guy on a bike on this bar... is it safe to call this EXTREME?

This bar is very good.  It's simple and exactly what you'd expect.  Sea salt has a tendency to dominate whatever its been added to, but Theo is an excellent chocolate company, and they smartly worked hard to make sure the flavors balanced.

on the one hand, i love the simple design of theo's bars.  on the other hand, the pieces are really big, so when you're sharing you feel obligated to hand out big chunks of your bar.  not for the greedy!

One thing I very much like about Theo is that they don't try do too much.  And this is a great example of it.  They make good quality chocolate, and if you want something added to it, they'll do it in a tasteful way.

All this said, every time I see Theo sold, and I can't find their 90% Venezuela-origin bar, I cry a little on the inside.

(As a side note, Theo is based in Seattle, and their factory building was shared with a band/actual circus I loved very much called Circus Contraption.)

Bottom Line:  If you are looking for a high quality, well balanced sea salt bar, this is a nice starting point.

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