Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sokolata Ygeias (Chocolate of Health) by Paulidis

My Greek Friend Jason brought me a chocolate bar after hearing about my interest in Ion Galaktos.  Ostensibly a "dark chocolate" bar (the back label calls it "bittersweet"), Chocolate of Health contains, as its first two ingredients, sugar and milk powder.  Cocoa solids makes up the last of the six standard milk chocolate ingredients in this bar -- even less than vanillin (of which little is required, being an artificial flavor).

why it looks so dark with so little in the way of cocoa solids is a mystery
Pretty on the inside.
With all this being said, it sounds like the chocolate would be bad.  But far from it -- it's just really good candy.  In fact, I think I would take it over Ion Galaktos, despite that it has the exact same ingredients and less in the way of cocoa solids.

i woud like to know the politics behind wrappers.  candy in other countries is definitely wrapped with different materials than in the US.  here, the plastic used is not common for American candies.
I like the wrapping, too.
Bottom Line: The Greeks have a great candy selection.

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