Friday, November 16, 2012

Ben's Cookies

It is not fair of me to review Ben's Cookies here. That's because Ben's Cookies are best eaten fresh, immediately after you buy them from the Ben's Cookies stall at Covent Garden in London.

That is not how I ate these particular Ben's Cookies. I ate this tin of cookies nearly two weeks after they had been purchased in Covent Garden, and then flown three thousand miles in my friend Emily's suitcase.

Emily is a good friend.

Here are some things to love about Ben's Cookies:

1) The artwork on the packaging is done by Quentin Blake, illustrator for the Roald Dahl books.
2) The chocolate chip cookies do not have chocolate "chips;" they have giant chunks of chocolate inside of them.
3) These cookies stay soft for at least two weeks. Possibly more, but I was too impatient to test it.

I buy Ben's Cookies whenever I am in London. Eating them two weeks and three thousand miles after they're baked does not show them in their best light. But even with so much working against them, they are still better than most cookies on the market.

BOTTOM LINE: One of my favorite things to eat when I'm in London.

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