Friday, November 23, 2012

Sundaes and Cones

This is my favorite ice cream in New York.  Angel has made a strong case for La Maison du Chocolat's seasonal chocolate ice cream, but to me, Sundaes and Cones will always be the champ.
normally an ice cream place needs to choose between fratty nyu clientelle in the village or hipsters with children -- or worse: hipsters without children -- in brooklyn.  somehow sundaes and cones manages to avoid both demographics.
Photo credit to Kasey
We've talked a lot about ice cream categories.  I just made this in MSPaint to let you know where we are:

i am an artist did you guys know

To give another example of this quadrant, you might have the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.  I like this quadrant.  It's usually fun and unpretentious.  Sundaes and Cones is sort of an oasis of calm in an otherwise barely sufferable Greenwich Village area.

Kasey talked to them during her trip and came away feeling they did not concentrate as much on fresh ingredients as Ample Hills.  For example, their sweet corn ice cream is available year round, which to her indicated they use frozen corn.  To which I respond: I should hope so, because this is frozen food.  Kasey ultimately agreed, and she put them towards the very top of her ice cream list, trailing only Ample Hills.

rich colors: evidence of rich flavors?  discuss.

The reason why Sundaes and Cones is so great is fairly obvious, and Kasey and I agree on this, is that their flavors are all DELICIOUS.  They are incredibly flavorful and not overly creamy.  The pumpkin is the pumpkinyest.  Their poppy and wasabi flavors are surprisingly exceptional.  And of course, the defining characteristic of their chocolate ice cream is just how chocolatey it is.

Now, I'm not the pretentious type to consider ice cream and gelato and sorbet to be incomparable categories of food.  But in a world where I refused to compare among them, I would definitely rate Sundaes and Cones as my favorite ice cream in the city, as well as my favorite chocolate ice cream in the city.

Bottom Line:  I love this place.

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