Monday, November 5, 2012

The Meadow Tasting #4: Dandelion 70% Venezuela

Leila and I both loved this bar.  It was extremely rich, earthy, and chocolatey, while still being sweet and edible.  Venezuela is my favorite origin for chocolate, so I was unsurprised to find the taste right up my alley. It's among the top-tier of mid-percentage bars that I have tried.

the excellent qualities in the wrapping are mirrored in the bar.  score another one for judging bars by their covers.
Even the wrapping is great.  It supplies the necessary information, looks pretty, and isn't too pretentious
The texture of the bar, though, really did set it apart from other excellent mid-percentage bars and launch it into that top tier.  It crumbled into near-powder upon biting in.  Now, this sounds like a bad thing, but trust me -- it isn't!  It's hard to explain, but my take is that it felt like some kind of powdered sugar-based candy or my youth, only the taste was of super-high quality chocolate.  Fun and sophisticated!

Bottom Line: This bar really has everything going for it.

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