Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Chocolate Show: Recap #3

More Chocolate Show recapping! We are only halfway through telling you about all the chocolate we ate last weekend! Seriously!


candies like grandma used to pot

This place had a lot of candies that weren't chocolates, so I kind of spaced out. David bought a box of these flower petals, though. They're definitely pretty. Just not all chocolate.


Here at Chocolate NYC, we love things called "OMG"
these are all free samples.  and they had like... a lot of these trays.

I love baked goods, so I was really into this place. The Chocolate Show could use more cookies and brownies, as far as I'm concerned. Salt of the Earth's cookies involved chocolate discs, instead of chips, which, as I've mentioned before, is crucial. They also had a Mayan brownie that tasted like a Mexican hot chocolate in brownie form. Sold.


rumor has it that they supply chocolates to the queen.  their accents would indicate this to be the truth.
We here at Chocolate NYC also love the color pink
Prestat was great! They're a British company, so all the booth staff had charming accents. I bought one of their mint chocolate bars-- full review of that to come. David bought a box of hazelnut truffles and a 70% bar. We were quite taken with this place.


if you think this looks more like a vat of ganache/frosting/pudding than fudge, then you have a keen eye for texture

I am not a fudge person. It's too sweet for me. They had a lot of interesting flavors (including a lot that were liquor-flavored, thus the name "Buzz Fudge")-- but I'm not a good judge. Especially after three hours of eating all the chocolate I could find.  David, though, is a fudge person, and he was almost aggressively excited to buy a box, so it's probably good fudge.


I mean, it's Valrhona. Simple, top-notch chocolate. What more is there to say?

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