Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Storm Rations B1: Equal Exchange 67% Mint Chocolate

So I was stuck in DC.  I had nine (9) bus tickets canceled by three (3) different bus companies.  But it was almost halloween, and we all know there is no more sincere pumpkin patch to spend the holiday than back home in NYC.  I somehow convinced my vegan friend Mick to drive me home.  To do this, he needed to drive down from Baltimore and then drive me all the way up, through a natural disaster and a half.  There were some conditions to his doing this, but my favorite condition was that the car be stocked with vegan-friendly chocolate.  Whole Foods' being opened made this easy.

the generic layout seems to indicate that they abuse child laborers, but the wording and naming plead, "we would never hurt our child laborers"
An unassuming package
The first bar we attacked was by Equal Exchange.  Honestly, it was phenomenal.  Excellent dark chocolate with crushed up peppermint sticks.  It had a more pleasing crunch than those Krispy Herhseys Minis that everyone loves, plus it was gourmet chocolate, plus mint.

sometimes you just want to eat chocolate, not a work of art.
And an unassuming bar
I would probably continue raving about this into my old age if I had not just had Patric's version mere days earlier (those his does not use peppermint).  While I might give an edge to Patric in terms of taste, the Equal Exchange bar was less than half the price, and it had that great texture.

Bottom Line:  If you like chocolate and peppermint and you have not yet eaten this, what have you been doing with your life?

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