Saturday, November 17, 2012

Storm Rations C2: Antidote 84% "Essential"

I don't even know how this bar got to my brother's place.  I think it was a gift from another storm refugee.  But upon my arrival, it became a gift to me, and one for which I was very thankful.

chocolate bars that come in a box just feel so much more serious

Antidote is a brand that is fully behind the "raw" chocolate thing.  This means the beans are not roasted before they are winnowed and conched.  But, as Leila will point out to you, there is something different about raw chocolate that doesn't sit well with some.  Which is why Antidote smartly mixes 50% raw chocolate with 50% roasted chocolate to balance out the flavors.  I think it turns out great -- you get the interesting raw taste while staying grounded in the familiar.

there is a little bloom on here, but i know how my brother stores his chocolates, so i am pretty sure he is to blame

Antidote's 84% "Essential" bar is nice.  It is less sweet than most such bars, but I obviously have no problem with that.  It didn't taste bitter to me at all.  It was really an ideal vehicle for getting at the taste of raw chocolate, without being distracted by sugar or other flavors and without being overwhelmed by its different-ness.

Bottom Line: If you are looking to isolate the taste of raw chocolate without being overwhelmed, this bar is really excellent.

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