Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Meadow Tasting #2: Dolceria Bonajuto 90%

The first two things to know about this bar are that it is 90% chocolate and that it is stone ground.  Right away, that makes the bar unique, to my knowledge.  The 90% content removes sweetness, and the stone grinding provides an unmistakable, powerful gritty texture.

The second thing to know is that this might be the best 90% bar currently on the market.  I (David) had been a huge fan of Theo's Venezuelan origin 91% bar, but they unfortunately discontinued it after its limited run.  It was replaced by an excellent but comparatively disappointing Colombian origin 91% bar, which itself seems to have been discontinued.  I have been somewhat despondent ever since, wandering the planet in search of replacement bar, and I think I found it here.

the package contains near perfection for high percentage lovers

As Leila accurately points out, the bar is somewhat bitter on first bite.  I liked that more than she did.  But we both quite enjoyed how quickly you get used to it.  The gritty texture helped.  While the bar never got quite sweet enough (or should I say non-bitter enough) for Leila, it certainly became quite easily edible for a bar of such high percentage.  It had the perfect rich, chocolatey flavor without the sweetness that I find more distracting than Leila does.

Bottom Line: This may be my favorite chocolate bar on the market right now.  If you like high percentage and stone ground bars, do not hesitate in spending 100% of your money stocking up on these.

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