Saturday, November 3, 2012

Storm Rations A1: Blue Bunny Big Mississippi Mud Ice Cream Sandwich

So, I was stuck in DC for the storm.  And during the storm, there weren't too many options out there.  Fortunately, there was a store within the Columbia Heights building in which my friend Emily lived.  We decided to make some emergency pasta, but obviously no meal is complete without dessert.

those don't even look like rivers on the wrapper
The cover does not scream out quality, but "rivers of fudge" is always appealing.
The pickings at the store were unsurprisingly slim.  So I wouldn't say I was disappointed by this sandwich, but i was not too impressed.  I got exactly what I expected.

it was not deceptive because honestly it did not look so good in the first place
As you can see from the inside, the package was not deceptive in any way.
The real problem was just, as usual, that the ice cream was cheap and not chocolatey enough.  The fudge wasn't enough to satisfy my unreasonable demands.  But I ate it in about 5 seconds without complaining.  Maybe 4 seconds.

Bottom Line: Might get you by in a storm when the options are slim, but when you can leave your building to look for something better, I might recommend it.

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