Saturday, November 17, 2012

Storm Rations C1: Murdick's Plain Chocolate Fudge

Murdick's Fudge is the fudge of my childhood, so to me, it is the archetype.  It's based on Martha's Vineyard, but when I showed up at my brother's apartment as a storm refugee, he somehow had some lying around.  I didn't ask questions; I just dove in.

awww, i can't be snarky about you!  you practically raised me!

I know there are multiple styles of fudge, texture-wise.  The way Murdick's does it is great.  It stays firm, to the point where you can basically snap pieces of it off; then you put it in your mouth, where it melts beautifully on your tongue.

The great thing about fudge, and I don't know how they (they being the wizards, worldwide, who make fudge) do it, but it manages to have both an extremely rich chocolatey taste and be extraordinarily sweet.  Typically the higher percentage sugar, the lower percentage chocolate.  I always thought that was, like, math.  But apparently fudge wizards are not bound by math.  And Murdick's gets this exactly right.

Bottom Line: Maybe it's just my childhood talking, but this is the fudge up to which I hold all other fudge, and the standard is rarely ever met.

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