Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ground Support Cafe Hot Chocolate

There is nothing particularly special to say about Ground Support's hot chocolate. It is fine. If you're on West Broadway and you want a chocolate drink, you won't regret it, but you certainly don't need to seek it out.

Really I am including this hot chocolate to make a point. That point is as follows:

Hot chocolate is better when drunk out of a ceramic mug. Period. You can take the exact same hot chocolate and put it in a paper cup, and it will not taste as good.

I don't know exactly why. But I know this is true.

BOTTOM LINE: Pro tip: when given the choice, always drink your hot chocolate out of a non-disposable mug.


  1. My opinions about hot chocolate also include a strong preference for milk over water. Do the chocolate experts agree??

  2. I think we all agree on that, but I think Leila agrees more strongly. My bigger priority is a high chocolate to milk/water ratio. But yes, all else being equal, milk is definitely preferable to water.

  3. Milk. Always milk. I won't eat hot chocolate if it's made with water.

  4. You can tell Leila and I are friends, because she says "eat hot chocolate."