Monday, November 5, 2012

The Meadow Tasting #3: Askinosie 72% Tanzania

Askinosie is the brand of chocolate used in Fresco's gelato.  Leila and I both like African chocolate more than the average chocolate lover, because it has a more traditionally "chocolatey" taste.  But, while we both liked this bar, neither of us was blown away.  

everything about the packaging seems to scream "sustainable"

I didn't mind the hints of fruitiness, because the usually-associated acidic aftertaste was not attached.  It was almost like a suspenseful ride with a pleasantly surprising ending.

until you encounter the plastic underneath the paper
The letters on each square spell out "Askinosie Chocolate" -- Nice!
Overall, as Leila points out, the bar was smooth and mellow, going down extremely easily.  But as she, says, "Almost too easily, in fact."  The quality was high, but it did not stand out among 5 other very interesting bars that we tasted.

Bottom Line:  High quality, easy to eat chocolate, but nothing groundbreaking.

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