Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Chocolate Show: Recap #4

This is it, guys. The final part of the annual NYC Chocolate Show four-part recap. Are you amazed that we have made it this far? Me, too. Are you amazed by the amount of chocolate we managed to eat in one day? Maybe don't be so amazed by that. It is our greatest skill.


an impressive assortment for a chocolatier who lives in cannes, has no stores outside of cannes, and informed me that there was literally no way for me to procure his chocolate in the united states outside of this one show

The booth staff was French and very lovely. When we first walked over they gave us spoons full of chocolate ganache to try. I think the ganache ultimately wound up in their hot chocolate, but we just sucked it down straight, and it was marvelous.


we did ask what made the bar "good and evil."  to our surprise, we got a list of about 20 different, sort of valid reasons for the name.  we were so surprised by how much thought they gave it that we honestly cannot remember a single one of the reasons.

This bar cost $18. I guess because it has Anthony Bourdain's name on it. We tried a sample and it was definitely delicious, but I don't know that any chocolate can possibly be $18 worth of delicious.  I just wish they would take Anthony Bourdain's name off of it, so I could buy a few bars without mortgaging Marvin Gardens.

Eclat bars included some odd flavors that I was not down with, like one that included toasted corn and one with pink peppercorn.  David, ordinarily a purist, had the exact opposite reaction, in fact buying a bar of the toasted corn.  In fact, he was overheard loudly complaining about his life's troubles, because he was unable to decide which of the many delicious options to purchase.  Overall, despite my anxiety over the stranger flavors, the quality of the Eclat chocolates was so high that I was really impressed. I'll eat it again; I'm just going to steer clear of the wasabi pea bars. Personal preference.


future friends, we hope.  because the alternative is that they will think we are huge creeps when we show up all the time.

Tache is new! And they're in the Lower East Side, which means we can both walk there. And their booth staff was super-nice. And they offer chocolate classes. All this means that we are basically going to live there.


i think they are some sort of cooperative.  for all you readers out there who care about, you know, "morals" or "ethics" or whatever.

I didn't eat anything here. David just shoved a few of those roasted cocoa beans into his mouth without asking permission.  He assures me that he has no regrets.

That's all for this year's Chocolate Show. Stay tuned as we give individual reviews to all the goods we purchased there. It's more than a handful.

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