Monday, November 12, 2012


Brook-vin is a charming little wine bar in Park Slope. I went there on Halloween, primarily for their pumpkin-infused Manhattan. But when I saw that there was a chocolate thing on the menu, obviously I ate that, too. Their menu describes it as "chocolate semifreddo, crème anglaise, strawberries, sel gris." I don't know what sel gris is. But I know it was delicious.

This was like a harder chocolate mousse-- it's thicker than mousse, obviously, and sticks together in a cake-like form. But it was way more like mousse than like a traditional chocolate cake. It was very dense and enjoyable.

I split this with two friends, and that thing happened where they both stopped eating because they "got full," so I ate all of my share, and some of their shares, and then I scraped the plate with my spoon over and over again in a way that I think disgusts some people. I would have used my fingers, too, but the waitress took the plate away.

BOTTOM LINE: If you find yourself at Brook-vin, don't stop at wine-- order dessert, too.

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