Friday, November 9, 2012

Storm Rations B4: Chocolove 77%

Chocolove is an extremely reliable brand.  I've never had a bad bar of theirs, and the 77% is no exception.

as you can tell from the windshield and street, DC was not hit as hard as NYC

The bar is simple and chocolatey.  It's uncomplicated.  It sits at a nice percentage, where high percentage lovers will not think it overly sweet, but they can share the bar with far more casual chocolate fans.

the problem with running this blog is that every time i post about chocolate i want to eat more chocolate.

I also like the design of the bar.  It breaks easily, into nicely sized pieces.  There is this trend to have giant pieces in bars, and I never really understood the advantage to that.  Chocolove does not fall into this trap.

Bottom Line:  A simple, nice bar of chocolate.  Can't go wrong.

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