Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jacques Torres Cookies

I'm sure there will come a day when I review Jacques Torres hot chocolate, because lord knows I drink it often enough. But that day is not today. Today we are focusing solely on Jacques Torres' cookies.

Jacques Torres has a 28 on Zagat. They are dedicated to their chocolate. You should definitely go there. However, I have to be honest that their cookies are not my favorite in the city. The texture is usually not quite how I prefer my cookies: it's a crispier and chewier than I like, it's less soft and cake-like.

You may remember how I raved about Levain Bakery cookies. That sort of dense, moist, almost batter-like texture is my ideal, and that's simply not what you're getting with Jacques Torres.

But texture is just a matter of personal preference. The chocolate and the dough in these are undeniably top-notch. Like Ben's Cookies, we're looking at giant slabs of chocolate instead of just little chocolate chips. You can't argue with that amount of chocolate.

BOTTOM LINE: Top-notch chocolate and dough baked into a texture that's more crispy and chewy than it is dense and moist. If that's the texture you prefer, then you will love these.

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