Monday, November 5, 2012

Storm Rations A2: Hershey's Chocolate Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

In addition to the Blue Bunny sandwich, we also picked up a pint of Hershey's Chocolate Cookies & Cream ice cream.  This was the far more successful of the two picks, surprisingly.  

i am not a good photographer

Well, sort of surprisingly.  Surprising that Hershey's was able to make delicious ice cream.  Less surprising that chocolate cookies & cream would be a good flavor -- I've been yelling about that for years.  ("Who knew?" my friend Kate asked.  "I did," I responded.)

i think we can all agree that this looks like something we would like to eat, yes?
I appreciated that the cookies did not overwhelm the ice cream
You get exactly what you'd expect here.  It's not super high quality, but it's chocolatey chocolate ice cream, and it has oreos in it.  What more could you want on a (very) rainy day?

Bottom Line:  If you are craving something delicious, chocolatey, and non-gourmet, check this out.

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