Monday, November 19, 2012

The Chocolate Show: Recap #1

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Every November, this amazing, amazing thing happens in New York City. It's called the New York Chocolate Show. What happens at the Chocolate Show is that roughly 50 incredibly nice chocolatiers set up booths, and for a door price of $35, you-- yes, you, average chocolate lover-- can go inside and eat all the chocolate you can stuff inside your mouth.

Last weekend was our fifth annual Chocolate Show. This may sound impressive, but considering we met some guy on the floor who said he'd been coming since 1999, we are really johnny-come-latelies.

We love the Chocolate Show. We love it. We are very good at it, too. We take notes. We make maps. We pack Pepto Bismol. We unhesitatingly knock out of the way small children who are standing between us and the free samples. You have got to keep your priorities straight.

In addition to eating everything that was free, we also bought a lot of chocolates. The idea of the Chocolate Show is that it happens five or six weeks before Christmas so you can buy Christmas presents there. David and I mostly bought presents for ourselves. Like I said: priorities.

We will devote an entry to each of the products that we purchased. But first we will spend four entries just recapping the experience itself. Here we go...


if you can figure out a way to make this picture a competition, we'll figure out a way to win

If you live in France, Vincent Guerlais has some game where you can guess what your truffle's flavoring is on their website and win something (more chocolate, presumably). We love games, because we love to win, but we could not play because we're not in France.


just to give you an idea of the free sample situation... plates of unlimited truffles were so omnipresent that one does not even need to grab fistfuls and stuff them in ziplock bags.  which is not to say that leila didn't do this anyway....

Last year I bought a box of dark chocolate-covered marshmallows from these folks. They were quite nice, if you like marshmallows. This year I bought four boxes of these All Natural Truffles Dusted with Cocoa Powder by Le Chef Patissier, for only $10! They are delicious, and that is a downright bargain.


don't be distracted by the pretty colors.  you don't need to buy anything that's not thoroughly brown.

From their website: "A brigadeiro is a smooth, creamy chocolate originating from Brazil. It is created by mixing condensed milk, butter, and cocoa powder, which is then melted and rolled into a round shape." It tasted kind of like brownie batter, though, for my tastes, a little too sweet. They had a bunch of different flavors. I tried the brownie flavor and the dark chocolate flavor. David bought a box.

More Chocolate Show updates to come, just as soon as we upload the photos!

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