Saturday, November 3, 2012

Storm Rations

I know many of you out there have been negatively affected by the storm, some worse than others.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have made it through safely, along with all my friends and family.  I got stuck in Washington DC for two days, was without power or water for 5 days, and am still without heat or hot water, but I have basically had fun each step of the way, as I've had some amazing hosts and chauffeurs.  

Of course, during that period I ate a lot of chocolate.  You know, to help me through the dark times.  In fact, during one 48 hour period, I ate only one meal and otherwise just tons of chocolate.  That chocolate will constitute a second ongoing series, along with reviews from The Meadow.  They break down into three groups: during the storm, the ride home, and raiding my brother's apartment.  But, to let you know it all had a good ending, check this:

yet another item that looks appetizing only to chocolate lovers

After walking to work in midtown from Greenpoint (across the Pulaski and Queensboro Bridges), I was ready for breakfast.  When I went to China this summer, one of the hostels at which I stayed blew me a way with something I'd never had before -- chocolate oatmeal.  I've been hooked since.  I was carrying some miscellaneous leftover chocolate with me (as usual), so I got a nice big cup of regular oatmeal from Devon and Blakely (good and reasonably priced), and I threw in most of my remaining chocolate.  Spoiler alert: I'm spoiled.

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