Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Scratchbread Buttercream Chocolate Brownie

First of all, Scratchbread is great.  It's basically a window in Bed-Stuy through which you can order all sorts of delicious bread-based goods.  Apparently they have an excellent chocolate pizza of some sort, but it was sold out when I went.  So I got the brownie... or so I thought:

actually, i think this is an even messier situation than if you were just to eat mousse with your hands.

They handed me something that looked vaguely like this but told me I had to wait for it to warm up to room temperature.  It was a struggle, but I did manage to wait.  And what I discovered was fascinating.  It wasn't really a brownie at all, but two thin brownies sandwiching chocolate mousse (or maybe chocolate buttercream that tasted just like mousse). Oh, and all that is dusted in cocoa powder!

Now this sounds like some sort of disgusting KFC Double Down-style gut disaster, but it's surprisingly not.  I'm not saying it's light and fluffy, but it is actually manageable.  And exceptionally delicious.  Plus, it's a great way to east mousse, or something indistinguishable therefrom, with your hands, while covering your hands in cocoa powder instead of mousse.  A great brownie in its own right, but with an added bonus.

Bottom Line:  If you are a mousse lover, this is the only brownie you'll ever want.

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