Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Meadow Tasting #5: Xocolatl 68% Foie Gras

We resigned ourselves to trying at least one or two "flavored" bars, though it is somewhat out of character.  When we asked for a recommendation of any bar in the store, surprisingly, this was the first bar picked by the shopkeep.

a surprisingly unassuming package for a foie gras bar, but the foie gras itself was somewhat unassuming.  but you are actually less likely to pick out the foie gras by taste than by looking at the box

This bar was salty, smooth, and creamy. It was like breakfast in a chocolate bar. Although it was very fancy, it wasn't really to my tastes. The taste was too thick. Plus, I am a modified vegetarian, which means that I'm modified enough to eat foie gras chocolate, but I'm vegetarian enough that I won't enjoy it.

chocolate nyc is stocked with hand models, as you can see
This bar, apparently, is mine.
David had a similar experience to me, but with a different result.  While he characterized it as a "gut bomb," I think he wound up enjoying it quite a bit more than I did.  He also reported sharing it with his coworkers to surprising praise.  The key is that the foie gras does not really shine through much in the taste, but rather just makes the bar exceptionally rich.

Bottom Line:  If you are looking for something chocolatey like dark chocolate but even richer in taste and texture than milk chocolate, look no further.  If you plan to eat a meal in the subsequent 14 hours, maybe hold off.

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