Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mast Brothers

What's not to love about Mast Brothers Chocolate? The factory is right here in Brooklyn, the chocolate bars' packaging is downright beautiful, and the Mast Brothers themselves are two good-looking fellows. Oh, and the chocolate tastes great!

This was reinforced to me when I visited the Mast Brothers' Williamsburg factory and store this weekend. I tried samples from the following three bars:

My personal favorite was the Papua New Guinea, but all three were dark, rich, delicious, and unique. The Brooklyn Blend was almost savory. Sampling these bars really reinforced for me how much the bean matters: they're all dark chocolate, and they are all processed at the same factory, yet each ones tastes so different.

As you can see, I didn't try anywhere close to all the bars offered here.

Just being in the Mast Brothers' store is a joy. It smells so deeply chocolatey; I can't imagine ever breathing in that smell and being anything other than happy.

BOTTOM LINE: Artisanal chocolate bars that taste as beautiful as their wrapping, and a factory that's worth a visit even if you can't afford to buy anything.

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  1. I also fully endorse Leila's advice to visit the Mast Brothers factory, as (a) they have free samples (as mentioned) and (b) their chocolates are marked up alarmingly when purchased elsewhere.