Friday, October 19, 2012

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

There are two models of ice cream. One is what I like to call “the Ample Hills model,” and that is to have all sorts of complicated, exciting varieties. Like brown sugar ice cream with cinnamon swirl, chocolate nibs, and ground-up waffle cone or something. (I just made myself hungry.)

The other model I call “the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory model.” This is where you only have about five flavors, all simple things like “chocolate” and “vanilla,” but you do them exceedingly well.

Neither of these models is the correct one. They are both correct. It’s a matter of taste.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is expensive, and there’s almost always a long line, but it is delicious, freshly homemade ice cream. They don’t have a lot of flavor options, but I don’t need that many options when I can get a chocolate chocolate chip milkshake.

They put something like seven or eight scoops of ice cream into this thing. I am not exaggerating.

One of my favorite summertime traditions is to bike down to the waterfront, order a chocolate chocolate chip milkshake, and sip it while watching the Manhattan skyline across the river.

BOTTOM LINE: If you like your ice cream uncomplicated and pure, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is for you.

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