Saturday, October 6, 2012


Firstly I should say that I'm mad at this place. They don't accept credit cards, apparently, but they did not tell us that until the end of our meal.

Furthermore: they should accept credit cards. It is one thing if you are a small stationary story struggling to make ends meet and you don't want to rack up a $5 charge with Mastercard every time you sell a $3.50 letterpress greeting card. But Alta is expensive. An individual meal here can easily come to $60 or more. How many people do you know who regularly carry around $60 in cash?

I realize this is not yet about chocolate. But what is the point of the Internet if not to complain about commerce?

Moving on to the chocolate: I ate this thing.

It's called a chocolate-mint egg, and indeed it does come in an actual egg shell, in an actual egg cup. Very cute presentation. It cost $5, which was a little bit excessive for something so petite, I thought.

Here is what all they fit inside this single egg shell:

1) creme brulee. I think it was supposed to be mint or maybe chocolate, but I didn't get a strong flavor off it. Mostly it was just creamy. Lovely texture, could have used more taste.
2) chocolate crunchies. I love these things, obvs. They are chocolatey and textural.
3) mint gel. This was what gave the egg its mint flavor, and I do generally love mint flavoring-- but because of its gel texture and green color, I was a little put off. It reminded me too much of the dentist.

Overall, these components complemented one another well. But honestly, I would have been just as happy with a bunch of chocolate crunchies stuffed in an egg shell.

All the food we got at Alta was quite good, and I see they have a number of other chocolate dessert options, so maybe someday I will go back to try the others. You know, next time I get paid in cash.

BOTTOM LINE: Creative dessert with creative presentation, interesting texture combination, but not super-flavorful.

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